“Innocent killing around the world, mysterious silence of the world community”

Global Peace International in collaboration with two other Islamabad based organizations organized a international conference on the above mentioned topic @ Islamabad library, It was attended by intellectuals, diplomats, ambassadors, civil society activists and academicians, well know parliamentarian and ex federal minister interior Rehman Malik was the chief guest, I was also invited and represented Global peace International Turkey chapter beside social services program Pakistan. Sharing here my complete speech reflects my point of view on the subject matter for your critical review and feedback.

Respected Senator Rehman Malik, ex interior Minister, Chairman PIMRA, Secretary Information, Distinguished guests and Ladies and gentleman, Assalam o Alaikum

First of all would like to appreciate the sincere efforts of the organizers of this historic event. To cover the scope of such an important topic in just two hours is humanly not possible, I will try my best to cover the underlying causes of the global unrest, its socio economic and human losses in terms of killing, injuries and displacement, and, above all, post war impacts, I would also like to talk about the secret war of Laos and how Europeans define Islamophobia.

The American journalist Chris Hedges published his research in New York Times (July 6th 2003); almost every researcher agreed on a few dimensions of wars amongst which following are the key ones.

  1. Sub regional/lagging region issues
  2. Violent ideology
  3. Land
  4. Resources/minerals/extractive
  5. Electoral competition for central power
  6. Identity (horizontal) and inequalities

If we look at the human history, during the last 3400 years, humanity could only breathe 268 years without a war, which is just 8% percent of the total duration and rest of the period we spent in killing each other either for controlling land, minerals central powers or for establishing our horizontal identity.

Would you believe that during 20st century, wars killed 108 million people, and the estimates of total number of human killings in the human history is between 150 million to 1 billion? If we look at its displacement aspect it is more panic.

5millions Europeans during (1919 to 1939) were uprooted.

During World War II 40 million non-Germans and 13 million Germans were displaced and a decrease of 20 million in population was also recorded after the war.

Half of the Bosnian population in early 1990,

Around 2 million in Afghanistan were killed, more than 50 million displaced

Back in 2003, in Basrah (Iraq) could you imagine that half of the 1.3 million population was trapped for days without food and kept under 100 degree temperature, 20 million displaced, same situation in Egypt, Libya and Syria (Turkey is currently hosting more than 30 millions Syrians).

This is worth mentioning that, during 21st century, conflicts resulted in more than 300 deaths per country.

Economic and Financial Losses are astronomic.

The aggregate economic and financial loss of conflicts around the world during 2014 was recorded 14.3 billion USD which is 13.4% of the global economy, think for a while we are spending this amount on the killings of innocent humanity. If we spend the same amount of money on the development of under developed nations, no one would remain under poverty line throughout the world but what can we do? Nothing, as the world is ruled by the five big ones and almost each one of them is thirsty for gaining more and more political and economical powers and, to achieve this goal, they commercialized the selling of mass destruction weapons, and for the continuation and survival of this industry, they need battlefields and regional issues. That’s why the number of active conflicts in the world jumped from 30 in 2003 to 50 the current figures. Alarming thing for humanity is the global strategic change in military approach, 100 years back, statistics shows that 90% casualties used to be counted for military and only 10 to 15 percent civilian loss, what is happening in the currently, global figures shows that 75 -90 percent civilians are being targeted or being killed why is so? No one among us knows and I am leaving this for the development professionals, human rights activists and ordinary citizens to conduct a study on it why this strategic change? , It’s a big question before us.

Post WAR Impacts.

Many countries of the world after facing wars are now faced with a cycle of repeated violence, wear governances and instability,

The Center for Systematic Peace disclosed in a recent report that interpersonal and gang killings are much more than political violence, statistics show that half a million people are killed by interpersonal and gang killings each year which means 1300 per day. Have you ever think on it? Unfortunately both these are interrelated (political violence and interpersonal) particularly in those countries were institutions are weak, and social norms became tolerant of violence.

Secret WAR of Laos: 1964-73

Very few people know about it. Even the ordinary Americans were not aware of it at the beginning. During Vietnam War, US made a world history by bombing 271 million cluster bombs on Laos with the help of 580,000 bombing missions, which means one bomb after 8 minutes and they killed 20,000, the rest of the population displaced. Laos became the world first ever country bombed to this extent and during that secret war, US spent in just 10 days 131 million USD on the killing of humanity which is much more than the amount they spent on the cleaning of Laos in 24 years, it was 118 million USD. Unfortunately we have resources for the killing of humanity and when it comes to the development of humanity, we are short of resources, more alarming is that out of the world 20 big military forces, 14 belong to the under developed countries and this will lead to keep backward these counties in terms of human and socio economic development.


Ladies and gentleman, for me the simplest definition of this engineered word is “fear from the religion Islam”

Few days back I asked the same question from an European friendand his answer was a complete surprise for me as his reply was “fear of spreading islam in their societies and as a result it may change :

  1. Culture, living style
  2. Existing values
  3. Will suppress our women and above all we the European feels that if it happens this will promote terrorism (???)

It reminded the golden words of one of my teacher: “When someone stands in front of the mirror, he/she will see his/her own face not that of mine or yours,” the answer of the above mentioned self-narrated lines lays in this statement.

Before leaving the forum, let me ask a simple question from every one sitting in hall, can the believers of a religion where the killing of one innocent human being is considered the killing of humanity and the saving of an innocent lives is equivalent to saving the lives of humanity can be terrorist?

The answer is absolutely No. Let’s join hands to promote and work for peace and harmony and brotherhood, each individual has the right to live with dignity and freedom, let’s work for interfaith harmony and respect each other’s religions and way of life.

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KASHMIR CRISES, World Peace is at Risk?, A Challenge for United Nation and Human Conscience

Every one among us knows the destruction humanity witnessed during World War II, and the human sacrifices faced by the Muslims of subcontinent during partition is too not easy to forget them, now “Kashmir” issue is becoming one of the biggest threats to the world peace and security. Any negligence on the part of the world community in general and particularly that of UN Security Council can put at the risk the lives of 1.5 billion humans living both in Pakistan and in India, because both countries possess atomic bombs. How to reduce the existing tensions in the region and get away of the current situation? This question needs to be immediately answered otherwise not only this region but its repercussions can and will harm the entire planet? Every Pakistani is thinking about this most difficult question too and demands an answer, may be on the other side as well. If we critically look at the August 5 actions of Modi led government will help us in understanding that scenario “how” perceptions” were shaped by Modi led government before and during the course of actions and on the other side look at the thought process and strategy adopted by Pakistan to react and deal with this crisis. Pakistan demonstrated a matured stance although its security forces recently demonstrated their worth by shooting two Indians plans on the violation of Line of Control in AJK (Azad Jammu Kashmir). World also knows the missile capabilities of Pakistan, Pakistan so far reacted with deterrent strategy although has the capabilities to be offensive as all the big cities of India area in the range of Pakistan missiles. Pakistan has proved that being having the capabilities of to answer in their own language, our armed forces adopted deterrent approach, and showed to the world that we are a responsible nation and believes in peace and harmony, International community must appreciate the approach of Pakistani Government and armed forces towards resolving this core issue of Kashmir between the two countries.

Kashmir issue is a multi-dimensional in nature, ranging from legal, political, diplomatic and strategic due to the distribution of natural resources on both sides of Kashmir. However, the most important aspect of the Kashmir crisis is the humanitarian dimension which requires immediate actions both on the part international community and UN too. From the last 40 days curfew is imposed by Indian forces on millions of peaceful Kashmiris, we are at the edge of humanitarian disasters which could be the largest of the 21st century. Millions of Kashmiris men, women and children are compelled to live inside houses with no access of telecommunication with their dear ones across the world, there are reports that they Exhausted the available food stock, children are crying for baby milk, patients don’t have access to the hospitals, reportedly a number pregnant women died before they reach to the hospitals due to this curfew, why the world is silent and can’t see all these fundamental human rights violations and atrocities within the occupied Jammu and Kashmir? Why the Indians stopping journalist, civil society to enter in to occupied Kashmir? The sole reason behind it could be to keep the world in dark, and the world should not know real extent of tragedy, misery and pain being constantly inflicted by the Indian forces to the locals,

Modi has got the support of all state institutions even the supreme judiciary of the country can’t see these violations and so far not a single so motive actions was taken in this regards and media reports says that after 43 days of curfew the supreme court ordered the government to remove curfew from the Kashmir although this decision is too late however we appreciate it if is executed by the state and state agencies. All these human right violations are happening under the nose of Modi’s led fascist government in a country where more than one billion humans are living and, which presents itself, the world’s largest democracy. More than a democracy, it is a rather a stigma on the face of democracy and democratic values, can a real democracy adopt such inhuman measures?

One cannot shadow his real face by spending millions of dollars to earn a fake name “rising and shining” for the country. India really shined after 5th August decision and with the curfew they imposed on innocent Kashmiris from the last two months, this is in reality of modern democracy and progressiveness?, After 9/11 India has got an opportunity to reframe its narrative from pro-democracy towards Pakistan with the prime objective to present Pakistan an irresponsible state and main source of producing terrorism and threat to the world, although they kept away themselves from the cold war while on the other hand Pakistan played a leading role its soil, land routes, airspace were used by NATO and what Pakistan received in return, more than 70,000 precious human losses, destruction of infrastructure, and above all 100 billion economic loss too.

On the other side India, used its narrative to de-legitimize the UN recognized Kashmir freedom struggle by presenting it as “Pakistani-sponsored terrorism”. Unfortunately the world is living in a “post truth era” where perceptions are valued more than the reality. India succeeded to a great extent by using social media, think tanks, and scholars and through film industry etc., by adopting this approach, India succeeded in reducing the world attention from the dilemma of Kashmir and Kashmiris, succeeded in aligning its interest with US and presented itself a victim of the allegedly Pakistan sponsored terrorism. This narrative strengthened Indians ties with the world powers and damaged Pakistan’s stance and diplomacy too. Look at the luck of Indians they never sent its troops during Cold War in Korea, Vietnam or Afghanistan nor in its current so-called strategic partnership with the United States in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. In contrast, Pakistan offered great sacrifices during the Cold War (1948-1989) as well as during the global war on terror (2001-2019), on several fronts around the world.

South Asian subcontinent was ruled by the Muslims for almost eight centuries (997-1857) whereas the British ruled India for almost a century (1857-1947). The BJP’s Hindu extremist ideology aspires to rewrite the history and restoring the Hindu pride by punishing the Muslims for ruling the region for so long. Carrying out genocide against Kashmir’s, its Muslim minorities, dominating the region by limiting Pakistan through diplomatic, psychological and economic means and sponsoring terrorism through its proxies inside Pakistan is the current Indian strategy.

The massive scale of the Kashmir tragedy has proven the two-nation theory and the wisdom of our great founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, more than ever before. Even the pro-Indian Kashmiri leaders like Mehbooba Mufti have now publicly recognized the historic mistake of falling for the myth of secular India and overlooking the reality and depth of Hindu hatred towards its minorities in general and Kashmiris in particular. Kashmiris and Pakistan represent the same ideology, same soul, same aspirations, same dreams, same way and purpose of life. Neither Indian incentives can trap them not its sticks can subdue them or change their level of love for Pakistan and Pakistanis. The hearts, minds and souls of Pakistanis and Kashmiris are inseparable and it will stand by them till they get their right of self-determination, which both India and Pakistan and the UN have promised them.

In the best interest of the region, the current leadership of Pakistan, after taking oath, extended his hand of peace to Modi which was turned down, although this gesture was neither a raw gesture nor a sign of weakness. We are believers and our religion teaches us patience, humanity, human dignity, sacrifice and compassion this is why Pakistani leadership extended an olive branch to Narendra Modi, a leader raised by RSS extremist Hindu ideology and who rose to power after murdering over a thousand peaceful Muslims in Gujrat as its Chief Minister. He is gravely mistaken if he thinks that what he did in Gujrat, he can also do in Kashmir and get away with it. Pakistan desire for peace has often been misinterpreted as a sign of weakness by Indian leadership and those who do not understand Muslim philosophy underestimate our determination for peace. Pakistan creation is the ultimate and physical manifestation of these core values that Muslims can never live under oppression and resisting oppression is a religious and ideological obligation not merely a human right recognized under the UN Charter.

The world needs to know how Narendra Modi comes to power. By murdering more than a thousand Muslims in Gujrat, Instead of being punished for these brutalities, unfortunately he became the Prime Minister of India and was given red carpet welcome by some of the world powers, who call themselves the champions/defenders of human rights. It is the collective responsibility the entire international community and world organizations like the United Nations and OIC to help humanity from serious threats to their lives, honor and properties but they have sadly let the humanity down particularly in Kashmir where one hundred thousand people have been murdered by the military forces of the world’s largest democracy. The world has a responsibility towards the Kashmiris to free them from Indian occupation and oppression, only showing concerns and morale support is not enough, practical steps needed, they must be provided their fundamental right of plebiscite we cannot see our brothers and sisters dying of hunger

Pakistan will continue to show the real face of INDIA to the world, we highly appreciate the efforts of working journalist both inside and outside Kashmir, civil society activist who are creating awareness and highlighting the humanitarian aspects of the ongoing crises to the world. After 72 years, people around the world now are concerned and believe that there is a grave international human crisis that needs to be immediately addressed. Pakistan Foreign Office has raised the Kashmir issue with full strengths on the diplomatic level at UN Security Council, the European Union, OIC etc., Pakistan is planning to raise it at the UN General Assembly shortly. Pakistan armed forces are ready and have shown the resolve to fight till the last soldier and last bullet for Kashmir and our nation is united in its support for Kashmir. All the political parties with in Pakistan both on the ruling side and opposition benches are united and showed complete solidarity with their Kashmiris brothers and sisters.

Personally, I believe that nature is taking its course and all ups have downs. There is a verse in the Quran that states, “they plot and plan, and Allah plans too; and Allah is the best of planners.” I believe Kashmir freedom struggle has entered to its final stage now and the time has come where Indian occupation will finally end. It is the beginning of the end and after the long night of oppression the dawn of freedom is awaiting the Kashmiris nation and completion of Pakistan. Narendra Modi poses a grave danger to the international security and world peace and it is crucial for the Indian military and its leadership to decide whether they will protect hundreds of millions of poor Indian people, living below the poverty line, or will they be used to promote the crazy and disastrous agenda of the nuclear armed RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). The Modi government is in control of the RSS and India is the only country among those possessing nuclear weapons in the world that is being led by a terrorist organization.

We urge the world community to look at Kashmir as a critical and humanitarian issue that poses grave threat to world peace, far beyond any temporary economic and regional geopolitical gains. The Kashmiris have been forced to finally decide to free themselves from Indian oppression and occupation. We are at a point of no return, “now or never” lets pool our energies together, at all levels and lets starting knocking the doors of all those who can play a positive role for the resolution of this seven decades old issue, an issue of life and death for two nuclear powers. If something went wrong in the region, the impact of the same will affect the entire world. Let’s start writing to members of parliament in your respective areas/countries, congressmen, representatives lets try our best at our own levels to awake the conscious of the sleeping world leadership and community too by explaining and making presentations on the socio economics and humanitarian impacts of the expected due clash between two atomic powers, let’s try our best to realize the big powers that this is a grave humanitarian catastrophe much beyond what the Nazis did during the Second World War unleashed by almost a million Indian armed soldiers occupying Jammu and Kashmir. The world must act now before it is too late. Pakistani government, military forces and the entire nation will stand with Kashmiris in their struggle for freedom, till our last breath. To help the oppressed and oppose the oppressor is an obligation upon all of us.


The writer ( Shafiq Ur Rehman Yousafzai) is a Pakistani development worker, a human rights activist too, having 22 years of experience at his credit, Country Director “Turkey” for Global Peace Internal (Magazine),  looking after the a Pakistan Based civil society organization (Social Services Program Pakistan).

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Khan’s Change Agenda is in Danger..:)

Few days back I was on an official tour Momand Khel UC in FR Bannu, Momand Khel is one of the four selected UC for our existing Nutrition Project. On a very short notice, the field team organized impressive community gathering near baran DAM (FR Region) which was attended by the temporarily dislocated population of NWA. During discussions with the TDP’s, they disclosed and complained too that no one came to them and neither they were provided with the basic necessities, only IMK foundation distributed 300 tents in the the area and which are not enough for heir families. they further complained that drinking water is the most serious problems of the families living here. This is worth mentioning that in the same area around 300-350 TDP’s are living at their own sweet will. They also disclosed and demanded that, some one should visit this area and establish a school for their children.


IMK foundation provided them with one TENT for school and also identified 04 teachers to run the same school but since their 1st visit they never came back and from the last two and half months the teachers are teaching children with out receiving a single pay. In response to a question regarding their salaries they further disclosed that we dont know how much salaries they will pay as they only said to us that we will adjust your salaries. In the same school around 200 children including 40 girls are recieving education however you will be histonish to know that there was not a single chair for the teacher except two small plastic mats for the children. For the first time witnessed a school establish by an NGO with out the provision of a white board and chairs for the teachers. IMK should look in to it and also probe who lift this project in the middle of the road??, Provincial government at least can provide clean drinking water through district government if they want …..

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Sleeping Humanity… !!!

Really don’t know how and from where to start? After witnessing 8th May Ceremony @ while walking on the side track of Champs-Elysees… Saw an old man may be 60 Years old laying on the road along with his two sticks in a panic condition,looking unconscious…

Image No one was even watching at him, passers-by enjoying their morning walk. It was something more than shocking for me as it was not in my imagination that, they Humanity here will be sleepy to this extent! Dozens of locals both youngsters and adults cross the same point in our presence, his position was just like that in our country when some is taking last breaths of his or her life. Asked to myself to go closer to him and heck his pulse, mean while Sheytan came with a WASWASA not to go. Leave him and in case you go to him and touch him, in case he is no more alive then you will not go back to Pakistan, what to do shall I go or not… meanwhile this old man moved his head which was a signal of life and I left the place with heavy heart as I was wanted to go close to him but could not… One day before, someone told me that, it’s our culture, we don’t touch such cases, being responsible citizens we only inform the local authorities and this is their Job to come and help such people. 


During the last few days, while roaming around the city both walking, in bus and through Metro too, one can witness the technological developments in each street, at each center they made, the local administration (City of Paris) has hired special vans which are removing the dog’s shits from the streets, one can find very easily in each alternate street a self help place (pressing) where you can clean your cloths, if you need a car, just put a few euros in the machine and take an electric car, go wherever you want, less expensive than the ordinary taxi, same goes for bicycles (Velib). If you don’t have time to cook, just go to the super store and find readymade food of your choice. If you are interested to see the level of courtesy for animals, will be surprised to see how much they love their pets, I may be wrong but strongly feel that the food which they provide to their pets (especially dogs) may be is not available to some of the homeless, in case it’s raining, you will see these beautiful pets in the arms of the owner. This is one extreme and on the other hand just look at this Picture!



One friend asked me to share my views, how I found Paris. I shared with him not my observations and preferred to share with him the comments on such a question of a liberal French who said” No doubt France is beautiful and PARIS is extremely, but the people are too busy with their own lives!!!



Dear’s just look at this picture, the cost of this watch is 64,700 Euros and of our brothers/sisters are us are using it…….the point is that we have enough for our selves but when it comes to support the real needy ones …………then we are……………….This is life! 

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US Developed 3000 KM Ring Road in Afghanistan???

There are reports that, US during the last one decade constructed a unique RING Road equivalent to 3000 KM, extremley expensive one whose maintenance cost for every 5 years would be 1 billion US $ as compared to the annual budget which is slightly more than 7 billions for Afghan Governmnet. This is worth mentioning that, before this the total lenghth of roads in Afghanistan was roughly 21,000KM and out of which only 13% was reportedly paved. This Ring Road is aimed in connecting all the US bases in Afghanistan beside being a supply route. …Great News for Afghanis .

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A family in “Tank” of Khyber Pakhtunkwa decimated by Malnutrition


Since a few years, Syed Gulaam and her wife Naik Bibi, 35, face a terrible drama. One by one, four of their seven children died, due to malnutrition. The last one, Shabana, 8 months old, died on Friday (6th December, 2013). She died of marasmus, a severe form of malnutrition. In other words she died of hunger, like previously her two brothers and one of her sisters.


Naik Bibi, Shabana’s mother, already gave birth to seven children. But among them only three daughters are still alive, aged 7, 4 and 2. The last one, 2 years old, is also suffering of malnutrition. Her MUAC (Mid-upper arm circumference [1]) is 11.2, her weight 7 kg.

The root cause of all this? Naik Bibi’s milk stops automatically after two months. Adding poverty to this and it becomes a disaster. “When my milk stopped, I gave milk to Shabana from a baby bottle. But then she went dehydrated, she was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea. Then she became too weak to take milk by herself. During the last three months, she could not take milk. She died because of that.”

The females in this part of the world usually clean their utensils with ashes on a cloth, Shabana’s mother’s did the same and then she rinses the baby bottle with water from the well.

Syed Gulaam, Shabana’s father, works since eight years in a brick’s fabrick where he is earning 7000 rupees per month, ie about 47 Euros. To visit a doctor in these areas is very expensive. The first specialist is about10 kilometers away.

Shabana was screened by Social Services Program’s team on Thursday December 5th and then she was referred by them to the district head quarter hospital to show her to a child specialist. Unfortunately, on that day, the husband was not present and it was not possible for the mother to take her alone to the hospital, so they opted to consult a street doctor (a hakim) instead to consult a professional one. She went back home with syrup SEFRSH 125mg (CEPHRADINE) and Babi Tanek, but she did not survive.


During the month of November, SSP field teams identified and registered 21 such cases in their target union councils, (namely Jatataar and Ronowal). More disturbing, 86% of the identified OTP cases were identified in the same area (Chadrar) in Union Council Jatataar of District Tank.


[1] MUAC is a measurement that allows health workers to quickly determine if a patient is acutely malnourished.

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Our Enemies Succeeded…. “hatred based on sects is unacceptable”, Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman JUI Chief said in a press release.

Dear All, ….one thing is really beyond my understanding may be some 1 among-st you could clarify…this masque is one the most old one and Mulana Gulamullah saheb damat barakutuho, who is the author of Jawaherul Quran (Tafseer), Eshaat Touheed wassunna has their own school of thought and they show comparatively less flexibility with regards Bedaat’s, Rasoomaat’s etc and every Moulana who is associated with them, almost use the same language,..we all know that, each Shia Hazaraat do protest on the day of Muharam and they usually pass the same way….They know each others very well and were used to listen and even tolerate the Faroee masaeels of each other’s schol of thought,…the point is the Emam of this Mosque and like others are preaching the Holy quran whole of the year,..it was not like that this day, the language of the Moulana was abusive and son…what they do usually, they explain how a believer can express his or her grief in the most appropriate way…may be this school of thought dont have the courage to beat their selves with zangirs and they only opt for prayers the same day and Shia hazaraat opt for zabgir zani….this every body’s right to express his or her way of …they call it a Bedaat and against the teaching of Islam that’s it, I am extremely sorry that, here some of us are trying to deteriorate the information for their own ulterior motives and saying that, Sepa…armed people were there and they fired on the innocent shia’s…Dears Only Allah (SWT) knows what happened, I can surely say this this is not like what we are interpreting and its indeed a CONSPIRACY just to once again gear up this issue of sectarianism in our country, it needs to thoroughly investigated rather a judicial inquiry is badly needed as Shiekh rasheed said on air that, the people who were involved in this incidents never seen b4 in this region, its a great game against us, our country and to start a non ending (alah forbid) war between us…our enemies, the enemies of islam and that of pakistan succeeded in reaching to their ulterior motives and now our country and our own brothers and sisters will suffer May allah Destroy the Hidden hands behind Rawalpindi indent amin suma amin.

An encouraging statement came from JUI F chief Moulana Fazl Ur Rehman while talking to a delegation from the same MADRASA he sai that,He said that hatred based on sects is unacceptable and people should foil the nefarious design of sectarian monsters who want to pitch Muslims against Muslims.He also called upon Ulema-e- Karams to help calm the situation in the country   ImageImage

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The Existing Drone agreement is no more valid, Think Tank…., the new army chief can order to ……



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PTI will Challenge the appointment of Chairman NAB and Opposition Leader too


PTI Chairman Imran Khan has formally announced that, his party will challenge the appointment of Chairman NAB in supreme court of Pakistan and termed it muk muka of the two main stream political parties. He also condemned the role of the existing opposition leader and said that, his party is also trying to replace him with a suitable candidate from the opposition parties.  

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Social Services Program signed small scale funding agreement with UNICEF Peshawar for TANK (KPK).

Dear All…We feel immense pleasure in sharing this good news with all of you that, today at UNICEF office Peshawar, Social Services Program signed small scale funding support agreement with UNICEF Peshawar for two union councils of District TANK namely Ranowal and Jatataar initially for three months. On this historic occasion DR Mohammad Jamil and Mr Aien Khan from UNICEF and Mr.Khurram Javed Gandapur, Senior Manager Operation SSP was also present.


Under the same program Social Services Program will ensure the following,

1- Support for appropriate infant and young child feeding (IYCF) is access by affected children and women

2- Children and women with acute malnutrition access appropriate management services

3- Children and women access micro nutrients from fortified food and supplements

4- Children and women access relevant information about nutrition program activities.


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